Our Clients

Amivero enables our clients to realize the value of IT services through our friendly human-centered approach and data-driven implementations. We are leading the transformation of government IT delivery to a more human-centered model that honors the people performing the work by providing them with the tools to ably serve the public.

DHS TSA IT Support Services

Amivero provides critical support to TSA’s IT Strategic Business Services (SBS). Amivero focuses its data-driven efforts on improving HCAccess, the legacy, mission-critical application that processes employee payroll and benefit actions for the agency’s 50,000+ federal employees. We developed a change request approval tracking tool for documenting the approvals required prior to deploying new releases. This eliminated extra cycles spent searching for past approvals for quicker decision-making and enhanced governance. Also, to improve communication among the 50+ various stakeholders, we created and maintained a change management distribution list. This enhancement, while small, helped increase meeting participation and reduce the number of email bounce-backs. We improved the coordination and communication – consolidating the efforts of three vendors into a single dashboard which reflected weekly changes based on development progress. The consistency and reliability created by our reporting process resulted in faster decision-making and shorter meeting times.

Amivero continues its support with the addition of workspace planning for over 1,000 IT personnel across TSA IT’s four metro DC locations as they migrated offices and consolidated into a single location. Initially, the Amivero team walked the halls across the four DC Metro locations, noting changes to actual seating assignments and updating official floor plans using MS Visio. However, the move occurred during the COVID-19 health crisis, which brought about a challenge Amivero tackled head on using our proven human centered approach to liaise with employees throughout the consolidation and transition process. To support workspace planning efforts, Amivero monitors, analyzes, and reports workspace changes in near-real time to IT leadership. Amivero improves the look and feel of floor plans and enhances the accuracy and comprehensiveness of the data in the workspace database. This information enables faster, more accurate decision-making on where to put teams to deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction, efficiency, and effectiveness

Amivero is a pleasure to work with. Their leadership team truly cares about their people and the delivery of quality service. Olivia demands excellence from her staff while creating a safe and inviting atmosphere of care and transparency. They have been able to address our staffing needs quickly and with excellent resources.”

Customer Team Lead

DHS U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (CIS) Delivery and DevOps Services

Amivero provided senior business analysis support to Development and Operations (DevOps) teams delivering USCIS Electronic Immigration System (ELIS) services. In this role, we developed high quality business functionality within the ELIS system architecture to meet business needs while leveraging open-source technology as part of ELIS’ transition from an IT system based on a costly, proprietary COTS-based framework to open-source platforms and tools. Amivero provided Agile Scrum Master expertise and facilitated an Agile development team to design, develop, test, and deliver ELIS functionality to its community.

We coordinated with USCIS leadership to assign priority issues, collaborated with stakeholders to ascertain system requirements (e.g., program functions, output requirements, input data acquisition, execution of user acceptance), and organized, directed, coordinated, and executed all task order activities supporting the end goal of creating new benefit forms and workflows and enhancing existing benefit forms in alignment with the ELIS development framework.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection Border Enforcement Management Systems

Amivero provides Agile systems development and IT modernization for U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) mission-critical systems. As a part of one of the largest implementations of scaled Agile methodologies in government history, we provide DevSecOps support to four main portfolios: Border Patrol Systems, Border Enforcement Systems, Mission Support Branch, and the Data Warehousing Team. BEMSD’s role is to plan, provide, develop, and sustain applications, tools, and services that perform a variety of capabilities that enable the overall CBP mission.

The large Amivero team of experts provide a full range of IT development services and technical solutions to support over 70 applications. We play a key role supporting all areas of the program: portfolio and program management, system and software development, data analysis, cloud and data architecture and design, and DevSecOps. We bring a unique human-centered, data-driven mindset to all activities in order to deliver applications faster and with higher quality, enhancing the value CBP derives from its IT capabilities.

Amivero played an essential role in helping to establish strategic goals that focus on data integration and sharing across our program. Their familiarity with government processes paired with their technical experience with data reporting and analytics has helped our team develop and implement a solution that created a data sharing pipeline across multiple stakeholders. Their strategic and technical approach will enable data integration, exploration, modeling and reporting for key stakeholders.”

Client Project Manager


Amivero solves complex challenges supporting a broad range of business systems within the CBP Passenger Systems Program Directorate (PSPD) providing expertise which is instrumental to the PSPD mission. With over 50 applications and services in the PSPD portfolio supporting primary and secondary traveler processing at US Port of Entry, the directory is large and diverse, including many mission critical applications that provide core data and metrics for timely operational support.

Amivero provides application development and data analytics expertise to the Inspection Processes, Interfaces & Support Processes, Internet Solutions divisions and Arrival and Departure Information System (ADIS) with advanced data analytics expertise. We support data aggregation systems that perform data analytics on arrivals, departures, and status updates to compile a complete travel history and immigration status for over 346 million foreign nationals traveling to the United States annually. The system has 14 interfaces providing mission critical information at a rate of over 3.6 million transactions per day.

Amivero has been instrumental in providing high quality delivery including optimizing data reporting processes for key internal and external stakeholders as well as providing expert data analytics support to improve the accuracy of system matching. We successfully and seamlessly provided CBP data to and from dozens of internal and external interfacing systems and programs. We have been evaluated and recognized as very easy to work with and a significant contributor to the successful execution of the program by reliably providing staff who provide high quality support and are effective communicators between program staff and partners which ensures the government receives the best value.

Your knowledge of the system’s architecture, understanding of complex business rules, biographic matching and extensive history with the system since its beginning has provided an irreplaceable asset to the government.


DHS S&T Cyber Apex

Amivero supported innovation in cyber security at DHS HQ as they sought a Data Rights Management solution. The initial interest in developing this application began when DHS noticed two excellent API’s that had great benefits on their own for document management and security, but realized they could be even better when joined together. A small Amivero team utilized Agile development techniques to research, design, develop, test, and deploy a prototype in only three months. Utilizing a blend of COTS technology and custom development, Amivero architects and developers created a secure, access-controlled full-feature application to allow DHS end users to easily provision document access and control future distribution and access to the document.

The Amivero team merged a host of best-of-breed techniques including, REST APIs, encryption, and geolocation to provide unprecedented visibility and control to DHS HQ. The intuitive capabilities, ease of use, and rapid development greatly impressed the DHS HQ technology and business stakeholders.

CBP Mission Support

Amivero has provided technical expertise to several US Customs and Border Protection Mission Offices. We provide critical support to the CBP Statistics Division, a reporting team that uses the Enterprise Management Information System to consolidate and present statistical information using reports and graphs via dashboard technology. We create processes to streamline requests for data and improve process efficiency for the Office of Field Operations and Border Patrol agents and transform it into actionable reports. Amivero helps define processes and standards around governance, communication, and quality and develop deliverance acceptance plans and criteria, contributing to the creation of various handbooks, templates, and Standard Operating Procedures for the department and the implementation of new policies and procedures.

For CBP’s Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) Collections Project, Amivero performs analytical tasks and activities relating to developing and maintaining application systems. ACE is the commercial trade processing system through which the trade community reports imports and exports and the government determines admissibility. The ACE program is the backbone of CBP’s trade information processing and risk management activities and is the key to implementing many of the agency’s trade transformation initiatives. Our business analysts utilize Agile methodologies to conduct analyses of business processes and functions, develop system process flows and requirements, define specifications, and test features in collaboration with users and technical staff. With our human-centered approach to software development, we interview stakeholders and users to capture business insights, construct user stories, build wireframes, and define acceptance criteria allowing ACE to enhance security and more fully collect duties through more accurate and timely data transmitted to and from government agencies.


Amivero enhanced CBP’s IT security posture in their effort to ensure the safety of cargo traveling into the United States through our work at the Cargo Systems Program Directorate. Our cybersecurity experts worked with CBP’s Computer Security Incident Response Center (CSIRC) to support the annual security self-assessment audit. We assisted CSIRC and the Security Operations Center (SOC) in investigating and documenting potential security incidents. We provided coordinated support to develop memoranda of understanding, interconnection security agreements, and plan of action and milestones as needed in order to resolve any issues uncovered as part of the investigations.

Amivero team members improved CSPD’s SecDevOps practices through the implementation of cybersecurity practices and the establishment of robust automated testing. Our engineers provided oversight for the implementation of new system roles and ensured compliance by aligning those roles with the proper level of access as defined by the Cargo Systems Security Design document. Through the management of TLS and SSL certification documentation, our engineers ensured secure communication across CSPD and with its integrated application partners. Through the establishment of a robust test environment within CSPD using Selenium tools, Amivero assured the integrity, security, and reliability of the CSPD code. We established a proof of concept using Selenium to expand the automated testing capabilities in order to maximize testing coverage and progress CSPD systems toward a more efficient and effective continuous integration pipeline. When combined with manual and user acceptance testing, the Amivero solution augmented CSPD’s code delivery capability and hardened its security posture.

FPS Financial Data Support

Amivero works with FPS to establish a data analytics structure which empowers FPS decision-makers to make sound, defensible management decisions on appropriations. Our data analysts develop data collection processes and methodologies to support the revision and improvement of the Accounting Classification Code Structure. We recommend improvements to the methodologies which contribute to the realignment of the costing categories and Common Appropriations Structure. These recommendations contribute to more accurate information on resource distribution, reporting, and cost burdens which could be utilized by FPS Headquarters and Regional offices throughout the US to make more informed appropriations decisions.

Amivero data analysts contributed to the enhancement of models utilizing Federal Financial Management System (FFMS) data. FFMS is the financial data system of record for DHS Human Capital, and Amivero analysts evaluated current models, recommended changes to better align the fee structure with service delivery and defined the impact of changes to FPS and its customers. We supported FPS throughout the evaluation process and refined its recommendations as needed to better support the goals of FPS stakeholders.

CBP Office of Accountability

Amivero contributed project management support services at the Office of Accountability (OAct) for the Chief Officer and Senior Executive. We coordinated projects across OAct to facilitate communication, increase project alignment, and improve on-schedule delivery. We supported stakeholders across the projects, including the Commissioner’s office in preparing, reviewing, editing, and storing project documents and schedules.

Amivero contributed project management support services at the Office of Accountability (OAct) for the Chief Officer and Senior Executive. We coordinated projects across OAct to facilitate communication, increase project alignment, and improve on-schedule delivery. We supported stakeholders across the projects, including the Commissioner’s office in

ICE Student Exchange Visitor Program Support

Amivero supports the ICE Student Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) with adjudication and compliance support. We provide program management expertise toward the technical and analytical support of the SEVP adjudication process. We maintain and update SOPs, conduct compliance reviews, and refer and prioritize risk reviews to the SEVP Federal

employees. In addition to these responsibilities, we are responsible for planning, initiating, managing, and executing special task and projects to meet legislative requirements as needed. These efforts facilitate the expeditious processing and review of over 1000 cases per month to ensure compliance by immigration sponsors with SEVP’s standards.

Department of Justice

Amivero leads the IT specialist support to the US Attorney’s Office (USAO) at the Department of Justice. Our IT specialists deliver customer support services to ensure the continuous operational IT readiness of the USAO’s end users. We identify IT requirements for business and legal applications, install and configure new and upgraded software, and plan and deliver point of user support.

Amivero has developed a deep understanding of USAO’s operational environment and performs routines assessments and analysis of organization infrastructure. We provide expansive DevOps oversight and implementation of technical planning, infrastructure management, Web site support, and applications development in service of supporting the litigation services provided by our USAO end users.