Data Science and Analytics

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Amivero is at the forefront of the emerging and ever-changing field of data science and analytics—and we work well together to make meaning out of that expertise. We are dynamically positioned to derive the most value from your data not only because of our collective skills in visualization, reporting, analytics, AI, and RPA, but because of the vision and synergy that drives our work product.


Data analytics encompasses a universe of techniques to extract value from your data. At Amivero, we excel at wrangling unwieldy datasets to uncover the signal needed to drive your business mission. We recognize that fancy models are not always the solution you need, so we leverage insight from qualitative and descriptive analyses as well as data visualization. We deploy a human-centered approach that tailors our analytics solutions to your business context. Our goal is to empower you with your data so you feel confident in your business decisions.

The conclusions drawn from a dataset are only as robust as the data itself, so our first step is always thorough data preparation. Real world data is inherently messy. At Amivero, we have a team of data engineers that clean and curate these datasets to lay the foundation for producing powerful business intelligence.

Data does not exist in a vacuum. Our industry subject matter experts excel at understanding the substantive context of the data, including how it was constructed and the institutional norms and structures that shape it. We learn the data inside and out, diagnosing its strengths and weaknesses and identifying any unreliable data elements. We also construct new data elements from existing ones, providing novel metrics that might have significant explanatory or predictive value.



CBP Border Enforcement Management Systems

Amivero leads the Unified Immigration Portal and Data Warehouse providing Management, Data Engineering, Architecture, and Analysis for one of the government’s largest scaled agile programs.

CBP Passenger Systems

Amivero supports data aggregation systems that perform data analytics on arrivals, departures, and status updates to compile travel history and immigration status for over 346 million foreign nationals traveling to the United States annually.

CBP STAT Support

Amivero provides critical support to the CBP Statistics Division, a reporting team that uses the Enterprise Management Information System to consolidate and present statistical information using reports and graphs via dashboards.

DOD CIO Support

Amivero assists in the selection of appropriate development and data manipulation technologies and tools, and prepares and presents the analyzed results.

FPS Business Transformation

Amivero data analysts develop data collection processes and methodologies to support the revision and improvement of the Accounting Classification Code Structure in support of the Federal Financial Management System.

ICE Student Exchange Visitor Program

Amivero provides program management expertise toward the technical and analytical support of the SEVP adjudication process.