Cyber Security

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Experienced in everything from architecture to auditing, our security professionals are experts in monitoring, detecting, preventing, and responding to perceived or presented breaches in cyber security—ranging from insider threats to advanced persistent threats.


Amivero delivers secure IT services to protect data and ensure full security compliance with an analytical approach and attention to detail from experienced professionals. By defining key security metrics with our customers, Amivero is able to elicit mission requirements that enhance system security and value. We are trusted resources across DHS, DOJ, and other government agencies. With security baked into the core of all of our IT services, we reliably and consistently provide cutting edge software delivery, cloud, architecture, and data analytics.

Amivero takes a data-driven and human-centered approach to security. We care about what and who is on the network, how to effectively monitor and report actionable intelligence, and what enterprise data will ensure compliance and minimize risks. Reporting is tailored to our client’s IT security culture and risk appetite. We believe preparation is paramount in delivering security services. We continuously monitor federal regulations, solicit client input and feedback, track user behavior, and ensure compliance standards are incorporated into our analytical security framework.



CBP Cargo Systems

Amivero cybersecurity experts worked with CBP’s Computer Security Incident Response Center to support the annual security self-assessment audit, and assisted the Security Operations Center in investigating and documenting potential security incidents.

DHS S&T Directorate Cyber Apex

Amivero architects and developers supported innovation in cyber security at DHS HQ by creating a secure, access controlled full-feature application to allow end users to easily provision document access and control future distribution and access.

DOD CIO Support

Amivero supports a DOD CIO in establishing a well-defined cyber security program that advances cyber basics and improves cyber defense; while providing research and support related to cyber security strategy, policy, capabilities, and management methodologies.

DOJ IT Support Services

Amivero provides expansive SecDevOps oversight and implementation of technical planning, infrastructure management, Web site support, and applications development in service of supporting the litigation services securely.