Cloud and Infrastructure

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We help ensure your applications are attainable at the highest standards with faster downloads, lower latency connections, and complete security. Trust Amivero to maintain or migrate your applications—whether to a public, private, or hybrid cloud—with highly-skilled and trustworthy experts.


Amivero understands the critical importance of having a resilient and scalable infrastructure for our clients to run their applications with minimal interruptions. Amivero has partnered with multiple world-class infrastructure providers both in the cloud and non-cloud spaces to ensure our clients’

success. We support our clients using ITIL-based IT services management processes and tools, providing insights into key enterprise data to transition their organization to a truly data-driven IT model.



CBP Border Enforcement Management Systems

Amivero plays a key role supporting the migration of 70 applications to a DevSecOps model in a multi-cloud environment. These applications range from back office COTS systems to geospatial and data rich mission critical systems to large mobile applications.

CBP Passenger Systems

Amivero supports the application readiness reviews and implementation of cloud migrations for over 50 applications; with over $10M transactions per day and close to 20 external interfaces.

DHS S&T Directorate Cyber Apex

Amivero architects and developers created a secure, access-controlled full-feature application to allow DHS end users to easily provision document access and control future distribution and access to the document in the AWS cloud.

DOD CIO Support

Amivero provides subject matter expertise in broad range of technical capabilities in the areas of multi-tenancy virtual environment; multi-cloud commercial cloud commuting services, and application migration to commercial cloud computing.

DOJ IT Support Services

Amivero provides expansive DevOps oversight and implementation of technical planning, infrastructure management, Web site support, and applications development in service of supporting the litigation services provided by our USAO end users.