Agile Software Delivery

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Thanks to our uniquely human-centered and data-driven Agile DevSecOps playbook, we specialize in consistently delivering business value to our customers while keeping pace with their rapidly evolving mission environments. We focus on the end user and enabling reliable delivery through cutting-edge technology and tools.


Amivero’s approach to software delivery begins with two fundamental questions: Where is our customer going tomorrow? Why? With this foundational understanding of the relationship between objective and motivation, our delivery teams dive deep into our customers’ business environment and culture to identify and define the value that we can bring to their organization—and, more importantly, set them up for success that will last well beyond the scope of our project.

Being human-centered means we listen and collaborate with empathy to discern core challenges, ideate possible solutions, build lean prototypes and pilots to affirm their value, and, finally, build and deliver functioning software using modern technology and DevOps best practices—all with the user in mind.



CBP Border Enforcement Management Systems

Amivero experts bring a unique human-centered, data driven mind set to portfolio and program management, system and software development, data analysis, cloud and data architecture and design, and DevSecOps across 70 applications.

CBP Cargo Systems

Amivero team members improved CSPD’s SecDevOps practices through the implementation of cybersecurity practices, the establishment of robust automated testing, and the alignment of system roles and access through the management of TLS and SSL.

CBP Office of Accountability

Amivero implemented a quality review process for all products distributed from OACT and created linkages between internal websites and repositories and made project documentation available to all interested stakeholders.

CBP Passenger Systems

Amivero provides application development expertise to the Inspection Processes, Interfaces & Support Processes, Internet Solutions divisions and Arrival and Departure Information System (ADIS) The systems have 14 interfaces providing mission critical information at a rate of over 3.6 million transactions per day.

CBP STAT Support

Amivero utlizes Agile methodologies to conduct analyses of business processes and functions, develop system process flows and requirements, define specifications, and test features in collaboration with users and technical staff for the ACE system.

DHS S&T Directorate Cyber Apex

Utilizing a blend of COTS technology and custom development, Amivero architects and developers created a secure, access-controled full-feature appliation to allow DHS end users to easily provision document access and control future distribution and access to the document.

DOD CIO Support

Amivero provides technical assessments of new technologies that advance capabilities across the portfolio and develops high level CONOPS for new and current technologies outlining key functions, interdependenxies, interfaces and stakeholders.

TSA Customer Relationship Management

Amivero focuses its data-driven efforts on improving HCAccess, the legacy, mission-critical application that processes employee payroll and benefit actions for the agency’s 50,000+ federal employees.

USCIS Outcome Based Delivery and DevOps Services

Amivero provided Agile Scrum Master expertise and facilitated an Agile development team to design, develop, test, and deliver ELIS functionality to its community.