Our Expertise

At Amivero, we don’t claim to do it all, we claim to do amazing. We prioritize excellence by maintaining a laser-like focus on accomplishing client goals while considering the big picture. Our expertise lies in software delivery, data science and analytics, cloud and infrastructure, and cyber security, and we always play to our strengths to provide clients with the most valuable products and transformative services.


Agile Software Delivery

Thanks to our uniquely human-centered and data-driven Agile DevSecOps playbook, we specialize in consistently delivering business value to our customers while keeping pace with their rapidly evolving mission environments. We focus on the end user and enabling reliable delivery through cutting-edge technology and tools.

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Data Science and Analytics

Amivero is at the forefront of the emerging and everchanging field of data science—and we work well together to make meaning out of that expertise. We are dynamically positioned to derive the most value from your data not only because of our collective skills in visualization, reporting, analytics, AI, and RPA, but because of the vision and synergy that drives our work product.

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Cloud and Infrastructure

We help ensure your applications are attainable at the highest standards with faster downloads, lower latency connections, and complete security. Trust us to maintain or migrate your applications—whether to a public, private, or hybrid cloud—with highly-skilled experts.

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Cyber Security

Experienced in everything from architecture to auditing, our security professionals are experts in monitoring, detecting, preventing, and responding to perceived or presented breaches in cyber security— ranging from insider threats to advanced persistent threats.

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