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Executive Leaders Radio: The Making of Amivero’s CEO


Amivero’s founder and CEO, Olivia Trivisani Bowker, sits down with the team at Executive Leaders Radio to talk about what has made her into the CEO she is today. They chat about Olivia’s childhood, how her and her family moved about every two years, acclimating her to a wide range of countries and their unique cultures at a young age. This life experience has molded her ability to embrace change, appreciate people’s valued skills and interests, and embody a great sense of pride for the United States of America. Her mission is rooted in her passion and support of this great country, leveraging the skillsets of each individual, and building IT professionals to modernize and protect the USA. 

Executive Leaders Radio is the #1 business weekly radio show in the Mid-Atlantic States and broadcast nationally on ninety-one (91) terrestrial and internet radio stations, from the most credible institutions including the Chambers of Commerce and Universities. 

For more information, visit their website: To listen to the podcast, click here, and to learn more about Amivero’s CEO see her leadership page