The Amivero Story

When she founded Amivero in 2018, Olivia Trivisani Bowker asked, “What would it look like to put people first? How can the interests and experiences that make us uniquely human ground the way we serve our clients?

The answers form the through line for our business model, from the development and delivery of our products and services to the way we recruit and nurture talent. They are implicit in our logo: a compass, providing meaningful and deliberate direction with forethought and high expectations for both our team and our clients. They’re also captured by our name, which is based on the root words ami, meaning “friendly,” and vero, implying “true”.

These values tether us to our mission and reflect that we genuinely love what we do: we are driven by the challenge and responsibility of supporting the country’s government agencies. We are committed to collaborative growth within a culture that inspires and rewards excellence. We are purpose-driven and outcome-focused with awareness of self and others. With this in mind, we bring integrity and professionalism to bear in all of our relationships.



At Amivero, we believe that the interests and experiences that make us uniquely human should be the driving motivation for everything we do. With our customers, this is reflected in our efforts to deeply understand their mission, environment, and daily operations–from agencies in their entirety to the individual user. For our company, this means we’re passionate about creating a work environment that roots our most valuable asset–our people–at the center.

It isn’t hard to be employee-centric when you genuinely love what you do. Our talented team members serve our customers with integrity and innovation because we encourage and nurture the creativity and passion that they bring to their work. We know from experience that you can’t have highly engaged clients without highly engaged employees.

Encourage Innovation

We seek to establish a community and foster meaningful collaboration where people can be challenged, everyone’s views are welcome, and no stone goes unturned. We believe that we’re at our very best when we don’t simply allow but enable and encourage our team members to express and explore their ideas.

Continuous Improvement

We pride ourselves in creating a work environment that promotes personal growth and a willingness to make positive changes both within our company and for our customers. We incentivize professional development through extensive training and mentorship opportunities, and we urge our employees to pursue personal projects to help make Amivero a better place.

Celebrate Together

We recognize the important and seemingly-small moments in life, both personal and professional, and support our employees in achieving their dreams—whatever they may be. At Amivero, you’re not a resource: you are truly family.

Give Back

We are deeply attentive to the ties that we each have with our broader community. We stand by those relationships by empowering our employees to make a substantive difference in meaningful causes and support the passion projects which inspire them.

A Letter From Our Founder

Amivero was started to put people first in the pursuit of solving problems and making the world a better place. This may seem atypical for an IT services company—and it is, because everything we do at Amivero bucks convention. Our tangible work product may be high-quality IT tools and solutions, but we define success as achieving a positive, lasting difference in the lives of our employees and an impact on the federal agencies we serve. “Friendly and passionate”; “real and trustworthy”—these aren’t just words we plucked at random in the name of good PR. We focus on employee confidence and wellbeing first because we genuinely believe that we’re no help to our clients if our teams don’t love what they do.

This kind of deep-rooted authenticity and faithfulness to our values hinges on consistent, transparent communication and fearless trial and error. We want to know what motivates our team members. We’re constantly playing matchmaker as we pair employee strengths and professional development goals with client needs and the long arc of our business trajectory. We’re innovators with big dreams who also believe in The Golden Rule (treating others as you want to be treated)

At Amivero, we cultivate this drive for excellence through a deeply personal devotion to our mission. I come to work each day committed to use the twin assets of my business acumen and passionate, loving heart to make high velocity decisions in the name of reflective and strategic IT solutions—and I want our team to know that I also own the responsibility of creating a work environment that honors their unique assets and motivations, too.

By investing foremost in our people, we’re providing our clients with the most insightful expertise in the industry. We’re proving that we refuse to compromise our integrity in the name of the bottom line. We’re walking the walk when we claim to run a business that functions as a family. And we’re laying the foundation for both employee and customer relationships where everyone feels truly included, appreciated, and valued.

We look forward to building those relationships with you.


Olivia Trivisani Bowker

CEO, Amivero