An 8(a), HUBZone, Woman-Owned Small Business leading IT innovation through a human-centered and data-driven approach.


Amivero is a premier provider of systems modernization, data analytics, digital transformation, and cybersecurity services to federal government decision-makers. We help our clients identify, prioritize, plan, and implement initiatives that achieve measurable, actionable, and lasting results. With deep roots in the law enforcement community, our expertise consistently bridges the communication gap between agencies, paving the way for increased collaboration and integration grounded in the real-life needs of the communities we serve.

Agile Software Delivery

Thanks to our uniquely human-centered and data-driven Agile DevSecOps playbook, we specialize in consistently delivering business value to our customers while keeping pace with their rapidly evolving mission environments. We focus on the end user and enabling reliable delivery through cutting-edge technology and tools.

Data Science and Analytics

Amivero is at the forefront of the emerging and everchanging field of data science—and we work well together to make meaning out of that expertise. We are dynamically positioned to derive the most value from your data not only because of our collective skills in visualization, reporting, analytics, AI, and RPA, but because of the vision and synergy that drives our work product.

Cloud and Infrastructure

We help ensure your applications are attainable at the highest standards with faster downloads, lower latency connections, and complete security. Trust us to maintain or migrate your applications—whether to a public, private, or hybrid cloud—with highly-skilled experts.

Cyber Security

Experienced in everything from architecture to auditing, our security professionals are experts in monitoring, detecting, preventing, and responding to perceived or presented breaches in cyber security— ranging from insider threats to advanced persistent threats.


Top 20 Most Promising Data Analytics Solutions Providers

Amivero’s Director of Business Intelligence is interviewed about Amivero’s unique, human-centered approach to data analytics and how environment-focused solutions enable users to make high-value decisions based on trustworthy, real-time information.

Amivero Wins at the 2022 SECAF Awards Gala

SECAF holds a beautiful gala each year to honor small and emerging government contractors in the DC Metro area. Amivero has been working hard and decided to attend the event as finalists to celebrate their achievements and support the community’s meaningful contributions to the mission; taking home the trophy was the icing on top!

Data Science Team Brings Hyperautomation to All Departments

Amivero’s Data Science & Analytics Community of Practice trained the entire company on the possibilities of hyperautomation within every department. Amivero, as client zero, practices the application of modernization efforts before suggesting implementations to their clients.